Rachel Brownbridge is a COMPASSIONATE, HOLISTIC GUIDE, MENTOR and THOUGHT LEADER.. Rachel works alongside you to fortify your mind AND your intuition to offer a uniquely cohesive holistic practice. 

Managing stress, overwhelm & anxiety - in a way that works for your body, mind and soul.

Combining both Yoga Nidra and LYT Yoga with compassionate discovery techniques, Rachels method will guide you as you step into your own sustainable, gentle momentum towards an empowered life, full of purpose and authenticity.

Rachel's background

Rachel’s desire to follow her own path in life stems from the experience of losing her father to cancer at 8 years old. WIDE EYED AND CURIOUS, she travelled the globe in search of her own mentors and personal growth.

Rachel has sought out, and learned from, some of the very best teachers and guides of the modern world. Years spent gathering and implementing her own learnings mean that today her story, together with her innate love of learning and ongoing curiosity, enable Rachel to embody a gentle playfulness, wisdom, and approachability.

One of her favourite things is meeting everyday people and listening to their life’s stories and seeing the multifaceted beings they are.


What's important to Rachel

BREAKING DOWN AGE-OLD BARRIERS within wellness culture, she makes it a priority to encourage all personalities to the mat and INTO THEIR OWN EMPOWERMENT journey. 

With understanding and respect for ancient philosophy, Rachel combines traditional and modern science led practices with developmental movement, gentle communication and honest clarity to create space for you to sink into as together you begin to connect the dots of your whole self and forge your own path to contentment.

“Rachel works in a                                                         way, which feels deeply healing. It’s also                                                         because she guides you gently and intuitively to your own realisations. She creates the space for you to be your own healer.” 




“Rachel works in a BEAUTIFULLY GENTLE and COMPASSIONATE way, which feels deeply healing. It’s also WONDERFULLY EMPOWERING because she guides you gently and intuitively to your own realisations. She creates the space for you to be your own healer.” 


Acknowledging the POWER OF SPACE along with the NATURAL TIMING of all things, Rachel recognises that individual experiences are all a part of the larger landscape of your journey through life.

Her love of soft space, gentle communication and honest clarity draws people alongside her and engages mutual trust in the facilitation of self-actualisation.

Clarity and authenticity are everything to Rachel, and so with her dedication to knowledge and effectivity in a space which can often be flooded with fluffy content, she is refreshingly set apart from the crowd.

 If you're in a rush, she might not be the guide for you but, if you are longing to slow your pace, catch your breath and regain your confidence and clarity, she's exactly who you need in your mind, body and souls corner.

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“When we feel AT HOME in our bodies, we are standing in our highest potential. The world needs more people who feel SAFE, STRONG AND RESILIENT, this is how all beings thrive.”

Jana Roemer

Yoga Nidra TT


International Yoga Nidra conference - Immersion


Yoga Nidra Practicum mentor for Jana Roemer Yoga Nidra TT

2021 - present

Peter Kaaberbl Kristensen

Thai Yoga massage training


Michelle Baker

Levels 1+2 Reiki training


Paula Tursi, Peter Kaaber

l - 200hr yoga meditation TT


Mandy Lawson

Kidding around yoga TT


Lara Heimann

200hr LYT Yoga Method TT


300hr LYT Yoga Method TT In-depth Core, Myofascial, extremities and specialties modules

2021 - 2022

Tracey Stevens

Root cause Practitioner course 2022

2021 - present

Juliet Allen

Sex, intimacy, and relationship coaching

Yoga teacher mentorship

Eating psychology, endocrinology & body love coaching

Andrea Maxine Frade

10-month mentorship (From Guidance Within) 

Mari Kennedy

The Celtic Wheel

Tracey Stevens

Root cause practitioner portal

Kelsi Ludvigson

Jessica Rothley


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