An online 3-month container

Are you in the middle of something HUGE? A process?  A realisation? A change in your relationship, health or work? 

 Perhaps you have a whole heap of questions but are struggling to find the answers? Do feel under-resourced with time and focus? 

 Do you feel ready to commit to transforming things that are deep within you? 

Are you already emotionally aware and curious and motivated by learning to trust your intuition? 

Do you thrive off expression, intelligence and intention? 

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, I have just the thing to enable you to satisfy your curiosity and learn to trust your intuition in the safest of spaces, right here, with me.


This gentle 3-month container is designed to guide you through your unique and intentional self-discovery process. The body-brain connection requires focus, repetition and rest to effectively reset patterns and behaviours and our time together will support you in doing just that. 

By providing you with uniquely curated holistic practices, I will support your wellbeing and, along with gentle and compassionate communication, help you to feel both seen and held. 

This container requires mutual respect and offering of presence and safe space, as much of this is about nurturing communication. 

I find there is an optimum natural timing to all things, and It's important to me that we feel a mutual connection and intention to work collaboratively together. I have put together a short form for you to fill out so that I can answer any questions you might have before we embark on our journey together.  

What You Get

A bespoke schedule (to suit you) for your 8 individual sessions. 

THE BEGINNING - A 60-minute call to allow us to connect, clarify and refine your intention, purpose and practices for our time together.  

x1 75-minute Compassionate Discovery session – a deep conversation to allow us to get to the root of your specific struggle. 

x2 60-minute personalised LYT Yoga sessions focussing on postural & breath reconstruction and neural development movement patterns. These sessions will be recorded for you to use again in the future.

x2 30-minute deep relaxation sessions, combining personalised Yoga Nidra and access to my existing Nidra library. These sessions will be recorded for you to use again in the future. 

x1 30-minute distant Reiki & check in - a welcome session of calm for the nervous system and a gentle reminder of your intention and purpose. 

The COMPLETION - A 60-minute call to allow us to re-connect, review and implement what you have learned about yourself to ensure you continue your forward momentum well after we have finished our work together.

Your Investment

3-month Container - 9200

*Prices are in NOK


"Working with Rachel brought me a lot of new awareness, which has been integrating in such a gentle and sweet way. It brought me out of my judgemental mind and into a more compassionate, healing space where I can feel my trust in myself blossoming."



Reclaim your body, six sessions with Rachel will have you feeling freer from the inside out with more confidence, strength & balance to live with more joy.



Support for boosting your mindset and emotional needs, these sessions will give you the space, clarity and impact needed to reduce, stress, fatigue & anxiety.


A compassionate GUIDE, MENTOR and THOUGHT LEADER, with a calling to help you find agency over your well-being.

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