Inspire and inform your people for positive change. Rachel brings forth ease, intelligence and relatable ways to find solution for everyday health & wellbeing.

Workshops and Leadership


Combining my extensive studies of Yoga Nidra, the LYT Yoga® Method (a core-based vinyasa practice), physiology, neuro-pathways and breath work and my belief in bringing awareness to well-being, all my interactive workshops breed confidence, strength and calm in those who take them. 

Born from her own background in neurodevelopmental rehabilitation, LYT Yoga was created by world-renowned physical therapist Lara Heimann. 

With a focus on rewiring the brain and re-establishing more optimal physical movement patterns within our yoga practices it addresses postural imbalances and sets you up to move in the most optimised way for your own body, and mind.


Specifically focussing on posture and helping people reconnect with their core, pelvic floor, breath and nervous system, my workshops enable your students to regain a relationship with their core and in turn connect with their intuition, and ability to regulate their own energy. 

Grounded in science, yet so deeply tied with philosophy, core values and holistic health and wellbeing, my in-depth workshops will transform your personal practice, teachings and daily life. 

 By combing Yoga Nidra and the LYT Yoga Method I am able to work with both the nervous system and neuroplasticity to create this unique hybrid programme for effective transformation.  


Please get in touch if you would like to chat through me providing a workshop for you or your students.

I'm so grateful to have shared this time of healing with you. Thank you for all the confidence you've helped me to find in my path - from just one session together! Amazing. 

Wellbeing Speaker & Thought Leader Appearances

Are you seeing a loss of morale in your team or community? 

Are there well-being issues you wish to address, but feel you lack the knowledge to address them in a professional and honest way? 

Do you genuinely understand the value of optimising the well-being of your teams? 

Are you ready to embrace new ideas and trial different ways of operating to better serve your people?

If you are looking for an after-dinner speaker, a unique team-building session or someone to hold a seminar or webinar on any of the following topics, look no further… 

  • Community well-being 
  • Women’s health & well-being 
  • Nervous system well-being for stress and anxiety 

Available from 30 minute sessions and onwards, online or in person. I regularly visit corporate settings, schools and company offices to inspire and educate teams & communities on the power of 

Holistic well-being using highly effective curated practices that make real change accessible. 

All sessions are fully-interactive and designed to gently guide people to take positive action toward better well-being.  

I can help with: 

  • Concepts and strategy  
  • Planning 
  • Creation and implementation of resources 
  • Integration of measures bespoke to your team 
  • Short term adjustments  
  • Long term adjustments  
  • Provision reviews and accountability 
  • A fact-finding contact form to help you start the conversation to discover where your community are actually at when it comes to well-being. 

Your Investment

Starts at 3500

*Prices are in NOK. Travel or food/accommodation costs extra.


Please get in touch if you would like to chat through me providing an interactive session for your team or community group. 

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