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Yoga Fire & Ice

A Concept developed By Hilde Karlsen & Rachel to bring together their favourite modalities for mind, body & spirit. Combining restoring Yoga & deep relaxation, with unique sauna ritual and cold water bathing. This is a one of a kind experience.

june 14-16



may 3-5

“I feel so connected & alive in my body right now” 

Rachel's unique approach to movement and yoga is loved by many and will leave you feeling awake, energised and more connected to yourself. With a focus on dynamic movement to improve posture and relieve the build up of aches and pain. It also supports the function of the lymph & circulatory system. 

Hilde invites you to a full sensory experience in the sauna combined with cold water exposure. The blend of hot and cold awakens your body and mind allowing for a wonderfully refreshing experience. Trained as a Aufguss master & outdoor guide has organised cold water exposure and saunas at Geilo and Ustaoset since 2018. Hilde invites you to aufguss, a unique sauna ritual, including, essentials oils, smoke, herbs, steam and music!

Rachel has had her own studio and yoga classes in Geilo for 5 years and is certified in 500hrs Lyt yoga, is a qualified Yoga Nidra teacher, and has studied emotional anatomy and reiki. her combined knowledge and experience allows you to soften and receive all the benefits of the session.
During your time with Rachel you will get to experience Yoga Nidra, a somatic guided deep relaxation practice. Although this is a deeply relaxing and restorative practice for mind and body, what is going on within you is dynamically active. Helping the body to access the natural state for recovery to take place. Rachel intentionally combines good movement and deep rest, as a way of accessing our true selves, and giving our bodies the space and conditions for self healing.

Fire & Ice with Hilde karlsen

Anyone who enters a sauna will experience increased blood circulation. This happens because the heat makes the heart beat faster and the blood vessels dilate, this helps the blood to flow around the body much more easily. Thanks to the increased heart rate, more of these "feel good" endorphins release into the body helping you to relax and feel happier.

Cold water exposure is done under controlled conditions where safety is always the focus. Cold water therapy is known to increase oxygenated blood flow into ares of the body that need to recover, it is also linked to improved quality of sleep, more focus, and even an improved immune response. Hilde will guide you through your breathing and help you to meet the cold with inner strength. After it is common to feel increased energy and an overall feeling of happiness.

yoga with Rachel

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