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The Rested You
Immersive Retreat At
Nøsen Fjellhotell
May 30 - June 02 //2024

Welcome dear you. Welcome to an immersive retreat experience where we learn, explore and unravel our relationship with Rest through yoga nidra, movement, inquiry and ceremony. Our home for our 4 days together is Nøsen Fjellhotell, in the awe-inspiring Norwegian mountains.

In our time together we will explore this feeling of wholeness through various healing modalities that we have studied, explored and shared in our teachings with various groups and individuals.

Come and celebrate the shift of seasons from spring to summer together, in a beautiful community of fellow resting people. Every day includes rest, movement, reflection and integration, and Rachel and Claudia are here to hold space for your personal journey.

“What would it feel like to be a rested being?” 

The Rested You - Online Winter Program
Starts January 2024

Welcome to The Rested You - the winter edition. In this 8-week online journey we explore and uplevel our relationship with rest through the practices of yoga nidra, movement, reflection & journaling, meditation, breath and ceremony.

Enrolment Open now

What would it feel like to start the new year feeling held and supported?

We believe focussing on nourishing and restful practices where we turn inwards and tend to our needs is powerful. Instead of rushing to start the new year, slowing down and giving yourself space to receive rest will open you up to new life and possibilities. 

We are Rachel and Claudia, the creators of Norway’s most in-depth yoga nidra and deep rest teacher training, and we are so excited to come together to hold space and support you on your journey towards becoming The Rested You. 

Through accessible yet powerful practices we’ll guide you into deep rest and will create the support for you to start implementing more rest into your life. We’ll explore different ways of supporting your nervous system, and your relationship with rest (and those who came before you), and let you tap into what that rested version of you could look and feel like.

“I can really feel that you and Claudia and the teachers invited come from a «lived through and learned» state. It feels really safe for me!” 

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