Deep Rest & Yoga Nidra
Facilitator Training 

80 hours over a total of 12 weeks
Hybrid - Inperson & Online

Welcome to this 12 week 80-hour HYBRID immersive Yoga Nidra and deep rest teacher training, created by your two guides Claudia Menger & Rachel Brownbridge.

Immersive Deep Rest & Yoga Nidra
Facilitator Training
Starts 19 Sepetember 2024

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Starting the training in the best way with a weekend immersion at Nøsen Fjellhotel in the Norwegian mountains, and then continued online over Zoom. This is Scandinavia’s most comprehensive Yoga Nidra & Deep Rest teacher training, that combines in-depth learning with a strong focus on compassionate guidance and teaching from your own unique wisdom.

This is a professional 80hr Facilitator Training for those looking to develop their knowledge of Yoga Nidra and Rest as a complete practice: incorporating the basics, fundamentals and the origins of the practice. It invites you to deepen your understanding of brain science and somatic learning, weaving in the seasons, cycles and elements. You’ll learn to connect to your creativity, imagination and your Nidra voice, and you’ll leave this training with a finished recorded product for you to include in your teachings full of your own wisdom.

Co-created by Rachel Brownbridge and Claudia Menger, two well loved & experienced yoga teachers and Nidra guides. Rachel and Claudia have trained with the world’s best Nidra and meditation teachers, including Jana Roemer, Tracee Stanley and Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, having guided thousands of people live and through the meditation app Insight Timer. In this training, they also bring their experience as skillful yoga teachers who both have a strong focus on the therapeutics of yoga. Join them for a refreshing and much needed exploration into the powerful work of rest and liberation for all beings.

We are so looking forward to this one of a kind learning experience.

“Thank you for sharing so generously of all your wisdom and knowledge, letting us in on one of the most important life skills there is; rest. I am in awe of your knowledge, empathy, patience and warmth. I have felt seen, understood and included. I will treasure this experience always and I think it is life changing for me..” 

- Anne Karin - Leadership

About Claudia & Rachel

Claudia is a yoga teacher and women's coach, specialised in therapeutic feminine yoga and yoga nidra. She believes in living and working, and practicing yoga, according to the menstrual cycle, and she’s passionate about the practice of rest - especially through yoga nidra. 

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She considers Uma Dinsmore-Tuli her main Nidra teacher, but is also incredibly inspired by the work of Tracee Stanley and Jana Roemer. 

Claudia often infuses her therapeutic yoga classes for women with Yoga Nidra, has created almost a hundred personalised Yoga Nidra recordings, and organised weekly online deep rest sessions during the different Covid lockdowns. You can find some of her practices on Insight Timer.
Claudia is educated in traditional Hatha yoga, vinyasa, prenatal, postnatal, fertility, Nidra, yin and restorative yoga, and has completed courses on the pelvic floor, trauma, perinatal mental health, and grief. She’s also a holistic health coach specialising in menstrual cycle health.

Rachel is a compassionate, holistic guide, mentor and thought leader who works alongside you to fortify your mind body AND your intuition to offer a uniquely cohesive holistic practice. 
She believes that by understanding how your thoughts and behaviours affect your well-being, you can alter your focus and create your desired reality. 

Rachel has primarily practised Yoga Nidra and found profound shifts in her mental, emotional & physical capacity. Blown away by the changes in her ability to work with her nervous system she went on to write and record some of her best work during the pandemic to support others through this difficult time.

In 2020 Rachel became a mentor and Guide for The trainees in Jana's Yoga Nidra YTT and has continued to support new teachers in growing their knowledge and finding their voice.

Rachel loves to broaden her knowledge of the practice and is inspired by the work of Richard Miller and most recently Trisha Hersey who explores the connection between rest and liberation. Rachel recognises that rest and the multitude of benefits we receive from it are powerful tools for health & wellbeing. Rachel is also a 500hr LYT Yoga teacher, reiki & root cause practitioner, and her current influences are Lara Heimann & Tracey Stevens.

“I can really feel that you and Claudia and the teachers invited come from a «lived through and learned» state. It feels really safe for me!” 

Why Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is quickly becoming a trusted & effective practice, used in a variety of professional settings.
Not only is it accessible for many, it counteracts the current Unrested society we live in. Yoga Nidra has been successfully used in support of the treatment of PTSD, pain/chronic pain, menstrual discomfort, and improving sleep over a period of practising regularly. Other important ways in which it supports us from the inside out, is through enhancing our creativity, focus, cognitive functioning and memory. A gentle yet profound practice that works on the basis of creating safety within the mind-body connection before guiding the listener into various intentional exercises that have the possibility to access subconscious, somatic & belief patterns to encourage a return to neutral. 
Because of it’s adaptogenic properties the practice becomes a daily source of receiving what you need that day and continues to evolve over time of use.

The more Rested we feel the more connect we are to our authentic selves. Decision making and choosing from a place of rest has the potential to transform our lives for happiness & health and fulfilling our purpose.

Who’s this Training for?

  • New & experienced yoga teachers
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Physical & occupational therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors
  • Psychotherapists, social workers, mental health professionals, counsellors 
  • Bodyworkers, mind-body fitness instructors, coaches
  • Conscious Business leaders, managers & consultants
  • Others working in healing, supporting, and teaching professions.

80 hour training includes

  • 3 nights accommodation & food at Nøsen Fjellhotell (see practical info for more details)
  • LIVE in person lectures & practice 
  • Online LIVE lectures, discussion & recording
  • 100+ page high-quality printed manual (a gold mine for information)
  • Private meditation library on Insight Timer, with over 50 hours of curated practices
  • Podcast playlist for all things rest
  • Accompanying study list: books, research, podcasts, videos (we encourage reading at least one of the books)
  • Endless wisdom from your two guides Rachel & Claudia
  • LIVE guest teacher lectures, Q&A with Guest expert Teachers
  • Personal feedback from Rachel or Claudia on your written script
  • Recordings of all online sessions.
  • Recorded practices to accompany certain modules
  • Interactive mentorship, discussion and community

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“The yoga nidra education has given me greater insight into the nervous system, how important breathing and rest are for the body, and taught me to write a yoga nidra script. I have become even more aware, know myself better and learned a lot. Strongly recommended.

- Physical therapist

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