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Retraining both your body AND mind, The LYT Yoga® Method provides you with the tools you need to be better equipped to face the challenges thrown at you by everyday life. 

Born from the three principles of Physiology, Kinesiology and Neurology and founded by international yoga pioneer and physical therapist Lara Heimann, LYT® (Lara’s Yoga Technique) is a sophisticated, intelligent method of practice. 

Grounded in the core understanding of cellular movement, the LYT Yoga Method® combines the mechanics of movement with brain mapping and neural development. An intense experience that systematically overrides the patterns of compensation and poor habits, LYT® offers an INTELLIGENT, SAFE AND EFFECTIVE APPROACH TO YOGA. 

The primary purpose of sustainable movement is to maintain energy and longevity throughout our whole life and the specific movements and sequencing involved in the LYT YOGA METHOD® are designed from a place of efficient function. We focus on the neural developmental stages of movement and how the biomechanics of our body helps us move without injury. 

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Function & Sustainability 

Want to live better for longer?

When we feel aligned in mind, body, and spirit we naturally create from a place of authenticity. When we feel our body working with us & for us, it brings a sense of joy into everything we do and frees us up to create and live from purpose. 

Imagine feeling at one with your own body... 

Working on mobility and stability with a view to increasing adaptability in all movements and systems of the body, The LYT Yoga® Method retrains your movement patterns neurally. This requires focused learning that engages our body-mind connection to adapt and ultimately form new neural pathways to improve your physical movement. 

Focus & Adaptability

Want to feel energised and cultivate focus? 

Joy & Purpose

Want more joy and inspiration in your life?

Rachel is an incredibly warm and kind person, with a UNIQUE CHARISMA. I have always enjoyed doing yoga with Rachel, and after she started teaching LYT yoga, I have simply become ADDICTED and do not like to miss an hour.  

Rachel Brownbridge is a COMPASSIONATE, HOLISTIC GUIDE, MENTOR and THOUGHT LEADER.. Rachel works alongside you to fortify your mind AND your intuition to offer a uniquely cohesive holistic practice. 

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Small intimate classes, where learning about your body is fun and energising. Focus on posture and “good” body mechanics so that everyday life can feel light and purposeful.

During my LYT Yoga classes, we work on all these things and MORE. For one whole hour a week, I will be your biggest cheerleader while, together, we work on creating the time and space you need to nurture the strongest, most focussed and joyful you!

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Reclaim your body, six sessions with Rachel will have you feeling freer from the inside out with more confidence, strength & balance to live with more joy.



The place where internal growth is fuelled with support and compassion. 3 months of intentional time with Rachel is the ultimate foundation for transitions, small or big in your life.


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